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Of All | S!N

Of All | S!N
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Of All | S!N
Reference : OFALL
S!N new album released to celebrate his first European Tour!
Info: https://highfeel.jp/2017/09/05/sn-on-tour-all-dates-info/

Release date: Sep20, 2017
Ref: HFSIN001

1 新世代ニヒリズム (Shinsedai nihilism)
2 シンボリックダンスニズム(Symbolic Danceism)
3 swarm
4 神教⇒Exclamation!(Shinkyou⇒Exclamation)
5 懺悔∝Scalat!oN(Zange Escalation)
6 輪廻=Connection(Rinne=Connection)
7 心から透明(Kokorokara Toumei)
Available on Sept.20