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FeeL Good Go HIGH

In about ten years of activities with PLASTICZOOMS as fashion designer, composer, songwriter, DJ and model, Sho Asakawa remained true to his own ideals and accomplished many different projects: PLASTICZOOMS as a band, PLASTICZOOMS as a fashion brand, and Venus Eccentric, his own accessory line. By naming Venus Eccentric as an homage to the UK punk band NEON HEARTS, Sho Asakawa doesn’t hide his roots. The line represents the punk movement, with no shortage of spikes and leather.

Venus Eccentric combines the codes of street wear with punk, goth and fetish elements, using the materials to create handmade necklaces, harnesses, leather wristbands and so much more, all designed and made by the Harajuku kid himself, Asakawa.

All items are handmade, in Japan, and released in limited edition.